Employment Litigation Practice

Lowry Blixseth attorneys represent clients in many types of disputes under state and federal laws.

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Scope of Employment Litigation Services

Even the most prudent and diligent employer can sometimes find itself in the middle of a dispute under the web of employment regulations. The key to successfully handling any employment law claim is to act swiftly and appropriately at the first indication that the potential claim exists. For instance, to avoid exposure to liability, employers should provide reasonable accommodation to any employee who has suffered a disability during employment and within the scope of his or her duties. A knowledgeable attorney can help the employer determine when such duty arises and what constitutes a "reasonable accommodation." Case law also provides guidance on the proper scope and procedures for internal investigations into claims of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Even with trained human resources personnel and assistance of counsel, employers will still become involved in litigation over employment disputes from time to time.

At Lowry Blixseth APC, we handle many types of employment law disputes under state and federal labor laws. Our attorneys have experience representing clients before state and federal courts, the California Division of Fair Employment and Housing, the California Department of Industrial Relations, and in alternative dispute resolution venues. We counsel clients in many types of employment law cases including exemption misclassification suits, wage and hour cases, discrimination and retaliation claims, allegations of harassment, and employment contract disputes. Please contact us today if you need help assessing any matters with your employees.