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    A comprehensive intellectual property portfolio starts with robust patent protection. Oftentimes patents are the very bedrock upon which solo inventors, small businesses and large corporations rely upon to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Patents convey to the inventor(s) and/or its assignee(s) the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing the patented invention in the United States. A patent conveys a time-limited monopoly for the claimed invention in exchange for full public disclosure of the idea. Patents may help: a solo inventor pitch an idea to large companies without the threat of the idea being stolen or copied without permission; small businesses protect unique ideas and build wealth; and large corporations stay competitive in an ever-emerging global marketplace. Lowry Blixseth patent attorneys work closely with clients in developing a patent portfolio. Patent protection may be pursued via several different means that include:

    (1) Utility Patent - Utility of processes, machines, manufactures, and/or compositions of matter

    (2) Design Patent - Ornamental design of an article of manufacture

    (3) Plant Patent - New and distinct, invented or discovered asexually reproduced plant

    (4) Reissue Patent - Correct errors in utility, design or plant patents

    (5) Defensive Publication - Publication that prevents others from patenting the utility, design or plant

    (6) Statutory Invention Registration - New form of defensive publication

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