Trademark Application Form

All applications are prepared by a U.S. Patent & Trademark Office registered attorney. Clients review and approve all applications before filing.

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  • Trademark Registration

    To start the process for obtaining trademark/service mark protection, please email us the information requested in Sections 1-5 below at All trademark applications and searches are prepared by an attorney registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. You will be asked to review and approve any application(s) before filing. If you have any questions, please see the Trademark FAQs or call 818-584-6460 to talk to an attorney. Click the “Call Me” button on the Contacts page to call toll-free.

    1. Trademark Name

    Name of the mark, business, brand, or logo to be registered.

    2. Trademark Logo/Design

    A trademark may include more than characters (e.g. a logo or design).

    Attach a copy of the logo/design (if applicable) in your email to:

    3. Trademark Use

    Include the (1) date of first use (anywhere); and (2) date of first use in commerce (sold over state lines).

    If the mark is not in use, a trademark application can still be filed as an "intent-to-use" application.

    4. Goods and/or Services

    Provide a detailed list of goods and/or services used in association with the trademark.

    Examples include t-shirts, computers, website design services, etc.

    5. Contact Information

    Please provide the following information (as applicable):

    (a) Company Name & State of Incorporation

    (b) Contact Name

    (c) Address

    (d) Phone Number

    (e) Email Address

    (f) Other Questions/Comments

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